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Check out an exceptional breed database which, if you haven't seen it before, provides a real treasure trove of ESS history.

Created in 1995 by Bob Nicolson (Lochindorb) as a private source of ESS pedigree data and records . As from October 2022, with Bob's kind permisssion, it is now under the guardianship of the English Springer Spaniel Club.

The database's new home is;


'The Centenary'

Achieving 100 years of ESSC - 1921 to 2021

The English Springer Spaniel Club was established in 1921 in the United Kingdom and is known as the 'Parent' Club of the Breed. It is the first port of call for The Kennel Club on all matters related to the English Springer Spaniel.The club caters for both types of English Springer Spaniel, the 'show type' and the 'working type'. It arranges Shows, Field Trials and Educational days. We hope that you enjoy your visit to our website and will be a regular visitor with us

Please Note:
Photo of two English Springer heads above depicts
'working' type head at the front and 'show' type at back

The Kennel Club Gazette features the English Springer Spaniel

as its breed of choice for the August 2022 issue.

20+ fabulous pages of all things ESS.  

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Justice for Dogs


The English Springer Spaniel Club fully supports
and is proud to be a member of 'Justice For Dogs'.
All members of the ESSC are able to contact
Justice For Dogs/Ann Harpwood MBE
as part of their ESSC membership 


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