First and foremost, we are pleased to say that English Springer Spaniels are not troubled in general by serious health problems, other than some of the usual canine illnesses and infectious diseases that can affect the canine population.

Any visible physical changes that have taken place over the 100 years since the Breed was recognised by the Kennel Club, have not been recorded as being, for the most part, detrimental to the Breed's health and welfare.

Hereditary (inherited) diseases known to exist in the English Springer Spaniel are not thankfully widespread. However, if you would like to know more about what health and welfare issues the Breed is tackling, and how you might be able to better understand them and how you might contribute, please read on.

It is best to use common sense and caution whether breeding with, or looking to purchase, an English Springer Spaniel, from whatever source, as not all conditions that can affect the Breed will have tests that can predetermine the outcome to the health and welfare of the ESS puppies that are produced. Our policy, along with the other ESS Breed Clubs, is to address any clinical and peer reviewed data, as and when and, from whomever, it is presented.

Unfortunately, at this time, only a small proportion of UK ESS owners and breeders will currently be members of a UK ESS Breed Club (of which there are 8). It would be much better for the Breed if this situation were different, so that more ESS owners and breeders can be better informed as to what they can do to ensure the Breed's long term health and welfare.

With this in mind the ESS Health Co-ordinators have made available a series of articles and information sheets that will provide you with more information about specific subjects. These are divided into 5 areas and whilst it may seem like a lot of information to take in, it must be stressed that the information is made available so that we can continue to ensure the Breed's long term health and welfare:


Hereditary Eye Disease

Inherited Metabolic Disorders (i.e. Storage Diseases)

Other Conditions

Official Health Tests Results

Research Projects - which you may be able to help with


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