The ‘100 Club' was successfully launched in 2007 and, d
ue to it's success, it continues to offer fantastic value at still only £1 per month - no increases here!

Your Questions answered:

This ‘100 Club' is exclusive to fully paid up Members of the ESSC.

The cost is just £1 per month - that's £12 per year payable annually in advance.

Each quarter (April, June, September and December) there is a Cash Draw of 3 prizes - 1st prize £50, second prize £30 and third prize £20

There is also an annual ‘non winning numbers' draw held at the end of the year. This is for all the ‘100 Club' Numbers who have not won a prize during that year and the prize money is the same as for the quarterly draw.

In addition, each year there is a ‘Super Draw', where the prize is £100 for the winner

A single Member of the ESSC is allowed to subscribe for up to 2 numbers and Joint Members of the ESSC can have up to 4 numbers between them. Each number is valued at £12 per annum and should be paid for by cheque annually in advance.

Remember, this ‘100 Club' raises funds for the Club and it also gives You the chance to win a cash prize every quarter, plus the 'non winning numbers draw' and a chance to win the Super Draw.

For further details about the ESSC '100 Club' and how to join contact the Promoter - Ms Julie Such or ESSC Secretary  Ms Kath Holt

Current Members of the ESSC '100 Club'

Winners of the ESSC '100' Club

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