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Additional General Information

The Kennel Club is committed to developing and supporting a nation of responsible dog owners. As well as organising events and campaigns to help dog owners meet their responsibilities, the Kennel Club also produces a range of literature to assist the dog owning public.

The Kennel Club has developed a collection of Information Guides for prospective and existing dog owners. Each guide is designed to give you key information and advice about some of the different issues you may face during your relationship with your dog i.e.

  • Asthma and your dog
  • Breeding from your bitch?
  • Choosing and bringing home the right dog for you
  • DNA profiling and parentage analysis services
  • Do you know dog law?
  • Do you know how to look after your dog in its senior years?
  • Do you know what to do if you lose your dog or find a stray?
  • Finding a rescue dog
  • Health Screening and the KC
  • How to breed dogs using artificial insemination
  • How to get involved in different activities with your dog
  • How to get started with dog training
  • How to register your dog with the KC
  • Kennel Club endorsements
  • Moving House with your dog
  • Road travel with your dog
  • So you are thinking of working with dogs?
  • Thinking of showing dogs in the UK?
  • Thinking of using your dog at stud?
  • Travelling abroad with your dog

Each of the above Information Guides are available for you to view and print free of charge From the Kennel Club website. Just follow this link and it will take you to the KC information guides.

Field Trial Champion
Markdown Muffin

circa 1960

This dog can be found in many of the pedigrees of the 'working type' ESSof today

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